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A Perfect Moment…

Have you ever had a perfect moment? Like one that you see in those ridiculous romcom movies? Have you ever heard the soundtrack to your life? You know, the music they would play if your life was a movie. Ok, well it totally happened to me TWICE this week. I know right… crazy.

The first time was last Monday night. A good friend of ours is moving Sydney to be with one-legged  beau. So her lease was up and she is now staying in our spare room until she leaves tomorrow morning. I was sitting here at this very computer and I had my earphones in listening to my Eric Saade (love him). I cant remember what I was doing…I want to say studying, but let’s be honest…I would be lying, and I looked over and they were both just laying on the couches chatting to each other and laughing and having a really good time. I think Daniel was on youtube, showing Renee some funny videos. It was the perfect moment. Seeing them both laugh and having fun, the music playing in my ears, the dim lighting coming from my very vintage lamps that I stole from work. It all came together to make that perfect moment. I couldn’t actually hear what they were saying, and I think I had this terrible goofy smile on my face. I probably looked like a retard.

The other was last night when we went out for a few drinks at The Breakwater at Hillary’s Boat Harbour. Now this place is very special to me as this is where Daniel and I had our illegal fake wedding reception. So where are sitting there with Renee and two other close friends and just chatting, sharing a bottle of wine, having some delicious spicy meat balls, laughing. And then I sat back (in a slightly drunken state) and was really happy again watching Daniel and Brent talk about something which was obviously really interesting, and Renee and Kyran were talking about shoes probably and there was music playing. and then I got really sad because I knew this would be the last time we would get to do this for a while. The 5 of us enjoying each others company while sharing memories and creating new ones. It sad because you think “Oh maybe we should have spent more time together”. We probably should have, but everyone is so busy in their own fucked up lives which makes these moments you do spend together so special.

It’s a shame that we don’t get to have any more of these special moments. But I guess if we did, they wouldn’t be as special. So even though Renee moves away tomorrow and begins her new life with her pastry chef, I will always remember those special perfect moments that we shared together, and I’ll look forward to sharing them one day again soon.

x Chadlington

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Comments on: "A Perfect Moment…" (1)

  1. russell Lewis said:

    Chadles this is beautiful, yep you are right, the special moments are when we sit back and observe what is going on and appreciating that special time. love your ramblings thank you for sharing them with us. Russ x

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