Ramblings of an Idiosyncratic Homosexual

Last week I was really sick. I was litterally on my ass for 2 days. I did not want to move. I could not have moved if I wanted to. I laid on my couch, watched 30+ episodes of Will and Grace (bad idea because it hurt to laugh, and that show is just too funny) and played Draw Something with my friends were were actually at work.

I started to feel better Thursday and I asked Daniel to take me to get a hot chocolate fudge sundae from Hungry Jacks. I was desperate to have one. I wanted it and I needed it. I was so happy when he actually said yes. He never gives me what I want. So we get to HJ’s and Daniel decides that he wants a burger because the chicken 2 minute noodles that were enough for dinner (he lied) wasnt enough.

Fine. Whatever. Just get me my freaking hot chocolate fudge sundae.

The ice cream machine wasnt working. it was doing it’s cleaning thing. WTF.

Why is it that whenever I want to get something tha uses the soft serve, its always fucking cleaning itself. thickshakes, sundaes, cones. Its not fair. I was really excited. So I got a burger….

“would you like fries with that?”

No…I really just wanted my hot chocolate fudge sundae.

So I made Daniel drive all the way (2 minutes down the road) to McDonalds to get a form of hot chocolate fudge sundae. The line was huge. My theory is that all these people really wanted a hot chocolate fudge sundae and when they couldn’t get it at Hungry Jacks they all decided to get their fix from Macca’s.

And after driving ALL THAT WAY (down the road) Daniel wouldn’t get in line to get me my hot chocolate fudge sundae. Apparently ice cream from the tub would be ok… it so was not ok. He never gives me what I want.

On top of that, he suggests that we get Coles Smart Buy becuase it was on special…I ignored him…smart buy. Are you joking?

So I didnt get my hot chocolate fudge sundae. Instead I got a burger that I didnt really want and a tub of the most expensive crap ice cream you can get. It wasnt smart buy either.

I should have gotten those chips.

The 15 year old future prostitute should have given me a “biggest fucking waste of time” sticker when she handed over my half cooked shitty chicken burger combo minus the chips and fun. and taste.

I hate people.

And im still waiting for my hot chocolate fudge sundae.


Comments on: "Would you like fries with that?" (1)

  1. Russell said:

    hey Chad just read your latest post, ‘do you want fries with that’ and it left me crying, i am upset cause love goes over and beyond. I will buy you a fricken hot chocolate fudge sundae on wed, lunch time xoox

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