Ramblings of an Idiosyncratic Homosexual

Date Night

So last week I decided that every Thursday after pay day was going to be date night for myself and Daniel, and every date night we would alternate what we do. For example, last week we did something I wanted to do (fun) and next date night we will do something that Daniel wanted to do (not fun). Being my pick last week, I chose what any self respected homosexual with a love for tragic love stories and death and destruction with total cuties would choose. Went and saw Titanic 3D.We did however go to IKEA (ahh) and have a bit of a shop prior to dinner, but this is for another blog. Daniel putting IKEA furniture together is that funny.

So I first saw Titanic when i was 9 years old. I had no idea what it was about, I remember Mum telling me that it was about some big ship that sank and lots a people died. Sweet. I love cool movies like this. Please note back then I was straight and liked trucks and wresling. I still like wresling…with oil.

After the movie I was totally obsessed with the ship. Mum took me to see exhibitions and I had books and og course I watch the movie like 1,00,000 times. I was hook. That movie actually inspired me to become a Marine Biologist so I could one day go and study it. I never was good a following things through.

I eventually grew out of my obsession for the ship however I still remain obessed with the movie. It is by far my favourite movie of all time. I love it.

Daniel was so emabarrasing in the cinema. Sobbing his eyes out in the most inappropriate of places. Who cried at the part when they are flying on the bow of the ship. the people in front had to keep turning around and give us stern looks of disgust. So embarrasing.We did however discover that the reason that the movie is so long is because you need to invest all this time into the love between Jack and Rose. We spend an hour and a half watching it grow and see all the fun they have falling in love. The it is ripped apart by that fucking bastard berg while they are being chaced around and getting shot at by Billy Zane and there violence against womon, whie also being really epic with the chaos and there is so much happening and that band that wish you could throw overboard. Music. Dont even get me started on the score for that movie. That is what makes it so fucking sad. Everytime the Ooo Ooo’s come on, I crying. Fucking fag.


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  1. very descriptive, got me crying reading it too, omg i should not go theatre i would be worse than Daniel, so wheres that leave me? EOF !

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