Ramblings of an Idiosyncratic Homosexual

Hi Chadlington,

Its me! Well actually its you. We are writting to you from the future! Its stupendous here. We love it so much. We are writing to us because if we remember correctly, we feel a little sad at your end of the timeline. Not sure where to go or what to do. So we just wanted to write us a quick letter, telling us exactly how wonderful our life has been this past year.

Firstly, Kate and Travis’s wedding was amazing. We were so happy to be apart of our special day. She looked so beautiful and elegant. It was on par with our wedding. We got our super hot ripped as abs and were clearly the hottest guy in the world. We always new we would be. There were some movie deals but we will tell us about them later. We had much more fun at their wedding than our own though. Because we could drink. And we didn’t spill anything on her dress either. Snaps for us!

We had a fabulous month in Thailand. Us and Daniel saw parts of the world that we never thought we would ever see. We hate to say it though, we caught the travel bug pretty bad. Just wait until we tell us about Sweden!

Lets see, Mum and Dad had a fantastic wedding Anniversary. The best thing about it was that Nan and Pop were both able to attend the festivities and they are looking really well. Pop even gave us $500,000 just because. We bought Mum and Dad a house with it though. Because they deserve it.

Nan’s 90th was a smash. Tabloids loved it! She got so drunk and started to sing Karaoke into her walking stick. She was also awarded 2012’s coolest Nan award.

Christmas was great as well. Daniel finally bought us that iMac he has been promising us. Jon came over and suprised us with a visit from Joshy too. We love him. Hes so adorable and although he calls us Uncle Homo, we can’t understand why it took 3 years to meet this little peice of heaven. Jon also annouced that he, Josh and Sasha are moving to Perth for good.

Chris proposed to Nina, the wedding is going to be in October this year. We are going to be groomsman.

For our birthday, Daniel bought those Tickets to Sweden for Eurovision just as he promised. We trust that at your end, Euphoria has won and Loreen has gone viral around the world?

Sweden was SENSATIONAL! and the best part was that We got to meet Eric Saade and Daniel said that we could have sex with him. We had a threesome and it was awesome.

We won American Idol.

We were cast as Finnick in Catching Fire, however we turned it down because it conflicted with our movie about James Dean, where we star as James Dean. Its because of all that hard effort we put in at the gym.

Finally, we are fairly certain that we want to write. Still deciding what we want to write, and where we want our writing to take us. We enjoy writing songs and since Daniel bought us that gutitar at the end of May 2011, we have also learnt to write and read music. We also enjoy writing articles for newspapers and magazines. And we are currently working on our first novel. We cant tell us what it is about though becuase it will spoil the fun of discovering that for ourselves.

See, we have an amazing year ahead of us with some fantastic memories waiting to be made.

From Chadlington

p.s Eric is as ‘big’ as we think and knows who to really use his woo hoo.


Comments on: "A letter from You (Me) to Me (You)" (1)

  1. russell Lewis said:

    Haha, good fiction writing Chadels, particularly about Eric, you are an awesome dreamer!

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