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I’ll Have Cake Please!

Ever heard of that phrase “Having cake and eating it too”? Well this post has nothing to do with that phrase. Or cake for that matter.

I have been watching the Olympics lately and I cannot get over how many freaking hotties there are. Like it’s rediculous. I really hope that they are of course all gay and they all have sex with each other and just suck up each other’s sexyness. The things I would do to these boys I can not tell you. Becuase mymother reads my blog. (hi mum) and so doesnt my husband.

So below I have created a list of my top ten from London 2012. And yes, I have included pictures.

10. Jack Green

Of course, this is a count down so I must start off at the bottom and work up to the best. Number 10 hails from Great Britain. This hurdler may have fucked up big time by actually running into the hurdle (shame) but this kid is so good looking that you dont even care. Please note that he was at number 8 until he ran into the hurdle (shame)Image

9. Chris Mears
Number nine is another that hails from the motherland. Im not sure what it is about divers that I find so freaking hot. It could be the hard abs, tiny shorts and extreme bendyness. Im not sure. But this guy…CUUUTE! Also props for being alive after nearly dying last year in a spleen explosion related incident. Snaps!


8. Danell Leyva

This American/Cuban sex kitten is totes hot, and the first out of many gymnasts. This boy was destined for a hard body and flips, with both parents being famous cuban gymnasts. Its in his blood. He’s got the near perfect genetics to prove it.


7. Fabian Hambuchen

HOT HOT HOT! Fabian was the first thing I really saw when I started to watch the men’s gymnastics the other night. That german muscle tone is borderline orgasmic, and thats only what I felt though the TV. I cant imagine what all those little gay boy gymnasts must feel in their loins when they watch him in the arena. Although its fun to think about it.


6. Ryan Lochte

Can I please just point out that I really really hate arrogance. I think it is such a turn off. But damn. This boy fine. I just want to lick the chlorine of those washboard abs. This guy should get Olympic gold for being damn smokin hot. I fully support the idea to put him in Magic Mike 2.


5. Bjorn Barrefors

OMFG LOOK AT THAT HUGE PACKAGE! Nuff said. Bonus points for being rediculously goodlooking and a hailing from country where they are all perfect. SWEDEN!


4. Jake Dalton

I dont think you can get anymore ‘All American Boy’ than this sexy peice of ass. And that is so not a bad thing either. Those Abs. Those eyes. That smile. That freckle. That Ass. Win.



3. Tom Daley

The poster boy for London 2012. This british diver has major skill and that rocking body. The only thing keeping him from the top is his age. At just 18, this little twinky has a banging body, biteable bottom and kissable lips. Give him at least 3 years and he will be ripe for the picking. #futuretop5



2: Marcel Nguyen

OMG I love this boy. Im not even kidding I think I am actually in love. He is just SOOO PRETTY! And those abs. And smile and when he does that japanese handstand. Instant Erection. He is the perfect example of Eurasian good looks (german/Veitnamese). He looks like such a nice guy too. I wonder if he can speak english. Not that it matters. All that he would need to understand from a unmarried, single, gay boy that is not me is “show me your Japnanese Handstand” and “Show me how you ride the Pummel horse”.

Marcel moves into the number two position of my all time top 5. So unfortunatly we say goodbye to Chris Evans.


1: Matthew Micham

I think this guy is amazing. He is so humble and such an inspiration. And he is such an ambassidor for young gay boys in Australia. There’s two reasons! Gay AND Australian.

He also follows me on twitter 😀

This is why he is number 1.

I dont even really want to do dirty nasty things to him. I kind of just want to hug him.

And feel his chest.

And maybe give a light spank on the bum. Cute bum.

Matty takes the Number 1 spot on my top 5 of all time!! Which means we say goodbye to Ryan Reynolds.



So now my top 5 men of all time list is as Follows. New additions in Italic.

1. Matthew Mitcham (AUS)

2. Marcel Nguyen (GER)

3. Eric Saade (SWE)

4. Kellan Lutz (USA)

5. Jared Leto (USA)

xoxo Chadlington


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  1. hey great reading and interesting comments, here is mine…. when do you become a dirty old purv, as opposed to a young purv? Or is it that we are both just admiring and appreciating the beautiful human body with some other thoughts thrown in of course

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