Ramblings of an Idiosyncratic Homosexual

Day 1- Travelling

Hello from KOH SAMUI!

Bitches be jealous? Thought so!

Well it is now 8:30 local time and it is well humid! This is ok because I love the humidity! After a solid two days of travelling, we arrived in Koh Samui around lunch time. Boy are we tired!

Singapore Airport was pretty freaking cool. We didn’t get to see anything outside of the airport (except the dirty smokers section by door 6. I did however manage to get a couple of shots of just outside. The best thing about Singapore was the UBER cool tech centre just beyond the customs gate, unfortunately we were not able to take photos but imagine like 100 massive fuck off screens around a centre console thing and theatre style seating all around this cylinder of tvs. There was also like 3000000000 free Internet access computers and this e card area where you can take a photo of yourself and send it via email to someone back home.

Another thing that Daniel most noticed about Singapore was humidity. Going from Australia which was a dry heat, to air conned planes and then a beautifully aircon airport to stepping outside to have a cigarette, only to be hit by a wall of 88% humidity was a little bit of a climate shock for him. Poor darling. I was actually rather surprised with how well he handled the flight, not able to have a smoke. Anyone that experienced Daniel when he hasn’t had a smoke in 1/2 an hour can understand how very nervous I was.

The strangest thing also happened at the airport. We were about a get into the lift and head downstairs when the Singapore militia who were bearing some ak47 bazooka nuclear bomb shit. Pretty freaking scary.

Oh by the way I forgot to mention about our flight! It was so freaking horrible that I must have already blocked it from my memory. Daniel decided to book the cheapest flight he could possibly find. So we flew tiger. I couldn’t see my feet, personal space is clearly to a priority and asking for a bottle of water on an international flight nearly blew our budget for the whole freaking week! Lessened learned: Don’t let Daniel book flights. Ever.

So back onto the horror plane we went and flew to Bangkok. This flight was considerably shorter and I managed to get an hours sleep. Bangkok International is fucking massive. Like I’m talking kilometres and kilometres long. It’s fucking stupid. How we managed to navigate our way around it well beyond me, but we managed to find out way out and check into our Bangkok Air flights to Koh Samui. One thing I will say about Bangkok Air is that, we could really learn a lot about customer service and hospitality from these Thai people. They really do it best. Also let it be known that CHADLINGTON booked these flights, and I was more than happy to receive my specially ordered Low Calorie meal, complimentary tea and coffee AND I was able to see my feet. Chad-1. Daniel-0.

I would also like to point out that Koh Samui is fucking gorge. A true island paradise. The hotel is really really beautiful, as were the cocktails that we consumed all afternoon. We fell asleep in the sun for about 45 mins while we were waiting for our room to become ready and subsequently we are already burnt. Mum and Dad came round and we had a spot of lunch and a few drinks at the Saboey Bar and then headed into Fisherman’s Village for some shopping and Dinner. Fisherman’s Village was really cool. So many little restaurants and markets around. I picked up a fedora for 250 baht (roughly 7 dollars) and Daniel got some diesel thongs for 300 baht. I’m to entirely sure he is aware that they are not real. Shame.

We have the most AMAZING dinner on the beach, actually on the beach, which was really tasty, we all had a main meal each of really good quality authentic Thai food, mum had 2 glasses of wine, dad a 3 beers, Daniel had 5 beers and I had two really strong margaritas and the entire bill came to $67AUD. I know! All while we watched the sun set behind Koh Pangnang, which was just across the water. The place really comes to life a night. All the lights on the surrounding islands come on and your not sure where your island ends and the next starts. Fire dancers dance on the beach and an outdoor cinema emerges. It’s incredible.

All in all I really think its times for bed. I have had a really really first two days and looking forward to enjoying the rest of the month in beautiful Thailand

Love and Kisses

Chadlington xx









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