Ramblings of an Idiosyncratic Homosexual

All About Chadlington

Im a 24 year old gay Australian living in Perth, Western Australia. I am also a Writing student studying though OUA because I have a mortgage and need to pay, or they will take it away from me. as much as I hate having a mortgage, I dont want them to take it away, because then I would not have a house.

I didnt really have a particular place where I ‘grew up’. My father worked for Australian Customs so we were constantly hauling ass around the country. It was good though. I met a heap of cool people and saw places that I would probably not have seen otherwise. I tend to say that I ‘grew up’ in Sydney, which is kind of a lie as we moved to QLD when I was 7.

My parents raised me to be repectful, mature and straight (so you can imagine their distaste when I came out as being gay). It’s not that they didn’t do a good job, its just that I am who I am and I love that about myself. My parents are all good with it now. Bless them.

I live with my husband Daniel (so illegal, shhh) and our two beautiful children Onyx and Sakura. They are cats not kids, but we love them all the same.

I work at a winery in possibly the WORST wine region in the world, the Swan Valley. I don’t know why they even bother, all the wine is shockingly bad. The coffee place down the road is really good though actually. We make all our wine in the Swan Valley from fruit picked in Margaret River, which is why our wine is drinkerable. Im fairly certain the vines at the estate in the Swan Valley might be plastic.

I hope you like my blog, this is really just an experiment and practice for me to get writing more so I can be the next super duper writer when I finish my degree (If I finish my degree).  Im not really sure what I am going to be writing about yet. Maybe a bit of everything. Who knows….

x Chadlington


Comments on: "All About Chadlington" (2)

  1. love your openness and honesty here, but pretty sure you would still have a dark side to ya, most people do and fairly sure a gay person would. xx

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