Ramblings of an Idiosyncratic Homosexual

Contamination Centre for Dangerous Ideas

So I’m feeling really down at the moment. I just read a blog about two gay guys getting married and the blog followed their journey from when the got engaged to the big day and all the planning in between. WHY DIDN’T I THINK OF THAT!! I’m so fricken pissed!! I had heaps of good shit to write about and the photos I could have taken!!! The drama!! Oh it would have been so easy!!!

So I’m thinking (never a good sign) that I want to do something extraordinary that I can blog about. Day to day shit that everyone goes through is not going to cut it for me. I want to live life! And I want you all to live it with me!

So my first dangerous idea is that I want to take a road trip. For like 2 weeks and I want to blog about every town we stop in, every cow we tip, every crazy hillbilly, buck tooth cowboy we meet. So my questions are:
1: Who’s with me? and,
2: Where are we going?

I really want to do this and I have the annual leave up my sleeve to take 2 weeks off and go to Darwin, or drive to Brisbane to meet my nephew ( that’s my favourite idea so far) I want to get a really old shitty car and just drive! Take some photos and blog blog blog!

What do you think?
X Chadlington

Ok I just had another idea pop into my head while in the shower. I wanna know which Capitol city has the hottest gay guys. This means that my team and I would have to go to every capital city and try and find a collection of hotties. This goes well beyond a road trip. This shit is an experiment. Experts in “fine men spotting” need only apply.

X Chadlington


So no one got back to me about my amazing idea. You guys all suck…


Comments on: "Contamination Centre for Dangerous Ideas" (2)

  1. Russell said:

    hey Chaddels I am with you all the way, before I read Darwin that is the place I was thinking, truely!

    I am with you, if only in my dreams and if you do it then I am really going to be pissed off like never before.

    Most of my thinking is done in the shower its a great place to let it all rip, great thought you had, love to join you.
    love ya

    Rusty x

  2. I would like to come please.

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