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7 Things I Hate About You

So I have this friends that I don’t get to see very much. I love her to death but there is defiantly a reason that I try to avoid spending any quality time with her. This is because I find her utterly pathetic and irritable. I find her more annoying the a rock in your shoe, or that one fly that has a whole hose to fly around, but insists that it needs to fly around your face and in your ear.

So this, Molly (not a real name), is a list of 7 things I hate about you.

Dear Molly,

1: I hate that you always think about yourself and no one else. You are no more important that anyone else.

2: You have had a bad day, get over it. I’ve had 3!

3: Learn to dress, that skirt does NOT look good on you.

4: Yes I think your a slut whore bag mole bitch who doesn’t care enough about her boyfriend because people who love other can’t cheat. Simple. ( I may have just given this away)

5: Guess what!? I’m gay! I’m not going to sleep with you! Plus I’m married. And vaginas are gross.

6: I don’t particularly like your friends. Stop asking me to hang out with them.

7: I really hate you think your attractive and sexy. Your not. Stop trying.

This may seem harsh, Molly, but I still love you. I wouldn’t be a very good friend if I didn’t tell you these things. And since your name is not Molly ad your so dumb you probably have no idea that in talking about you, I guess in not a very good friend. However 8 years is a long time and I’m not going to throw it away just because your everything I stated above…

Chadlington X


Why do you do that??

This list could get very long, as I’m sure everyone who has ever been in relationship can understand. There are just some things that piss you off. It’s not that I don’t my husband any less when he does these enraging annoying aspects of his personality, however I don’t love him anymore for either. I’m positive that the more I write and get into the frame of mind required to write such a post, other moments from the last 4 years may pop back into my mind and inevitably find there way into the post. You have been forewarned.

So this post stems from this morning. I got up a little earlier than I would have liked today, having a frustratingly late night on Tuesday night. I got up and first thin I did was get the dry cloths off the line and hung out the wet stuff. This is quite often at the top of my least favourite things to do. I then showers and got dressed ready to head to Fremantle to see the American sailors that arrived recently. I spent about 2 minutes looking for MY wallet and realised that Daniel has taken it to work (annoyed). I then call Daniel to confirm this. He says I don’t knows (oh he knew) and then rushes me off the phone because he is “so busy”. All lies. Anyways I admit defeat, no sailors for Chad. So I decided to do the ironing and clean the house up a bit. Download some movies for Daniel to watch and then settle down to have some cereal for lunch. I know what your’re thinking, cereal for lunch. Buying you have been keeping up, which you probably haven’t, I have turned vegetarian and haven’t had a chance to go shopping yet. I would have today, but I did t have my wallet… Remember. Anyways I get my bowl which is just the right size, pour just the right amout of Just Right into the bowl, go and grab the milk out of the fridge and realise that there is no cold milk. I would have known this if there was nothing in the fridge but Daniel has this apparent need to put empty cartons back into the fridge. This isn’t just limited to milk cartons either, oh no this is bottles of soft drink, salad dressings, cans of red bull, the wrapper from the cheese, butter containers, and possibly the most disappointing thing that nearly drove me to mass homicide this afternoon, the box of Cadbury Favourites. Annoying right?

Then I went to the toilet and when I was finished, no toilet paper. Now you would like I would have learnt from this by now, I haven’t. Fortunately I was able to scurry, pants around my ankles, around the house to the linen press to get the new paper. It’s a pleasant thought I’m putting into your minds I’m sure, but I really want you to feel how upset I must have been at this point, I mean is it so hard to REPLACE THE FUCKING TOILET ROLLS. I don’t think I asking to to much here.

Another example is this “2 secs” response he has to everything I say. We have actually started a little joke about it at work now because it so irritating. I sure if I told Daniel that I was having a heart attack and needed medical attention it would be followed by “2
secs, I have 73 seconds left on this YouTube video about collecting video game consoles”. I shit you not this I would actually happen.

Also he always waits to after we have dinner and sit down watch some tv to tell me that he need me to go and get him cigarettes. I don’t want to go and get your cigarettes after I have slaved over the stove cooking your dinner. You could have gotten them on your way home from work, before you it home, which was a total of 15 minutes ago.

Don’t even get me started on the wine in the freezer.

Please be re assured that I live my husband very dearly and it’s the little things that he does that make me live him more and more every day. It’s also the little things make me want to smash keyboards into my skull. Or his I’m not fussed.

I sure I do thing that irritate him
to. But as far as your cocerned, I’m perfect. Remember that.

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