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To touch the Hutch…

So I have a question. What is considered to be too young. I mean obviously anyone who is underage is too young… Because that is a crime. I’m talking a about what is a socially acceptable age bracket between lovers. Me personally, anyone born in nineties is totally of limits. A nineties baby are you serious. I realise that people born in 1990 are now 22 and well above the legal limit but still, 1990… Gross.

I’m having these thoughts because, although I do not want to admit it to myself let alone my tragic husband and friends who are clearly under the influence of strong narcotics, but Josh Hutcherson = total babe. I used to call him that kid from Bridge to Terabithia I now mostly call him

What is most horrifying is that he is 1992. Now that’s only 4 years different meaning he is 20 this year, and being the Hollywood child star he is I’m sure he was molestered by some crazy big time pedophile director who promised him the part for just the tip, making him clearly experienced and probably has sex all the time like most 19 year olds too. I’m kidding, I don’t think directors actually do that. 😐

I think is more his character in Hunger Games too… So attracted to that character. He’s perfect.

So what’s an appropriate age gap between lovers… I would say 8 years… Obviously this would increase as you get older. And you also have that rule where you half your age and add 7… So if your 40, the youngest you can go is 27. And I can do 19 (yes!) watch out JHutch!

Poor Daniel. No Beiber for you!