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Coffee Extortion

Ok, so we just dropped Renee off at the airport and while we were waiting we decided we should have a coffee. I find that it is one of those things that people do when there isn’t anything else to do. Like when you catch up with a friend you haven’t seen for a long time, so long in fact that you don’t know anything about one another. You don’t actually like each other anymore, but everyone likes coffee.

Unfortunately, coffee prices are ridiculous. I just paid 30 dollars for 3 coffees and 2 teas!!!?!
You can’t walk out of a coffee shop with both kidneys anymore. Even the cheapest place now charge you so much that you can’t have dinner for a week.

This is of course an exaggeration.

But the prices are massively high and the reasons are as follows.


Yes, China. That’s why you can’t have both coffee and dinner in the same day. Don’t even think about coffee and a cigarette. China, which is traditionally a tea drinking nation are drinking more and more coffee. This might because they want to be like us westerners… I always new the asians were intelligent.

So the 374746391747292746392 people in China are now drinking coffee, but no more coffee beans are being harvested. So supply and demand do not match which means extortion prices for us that have been drinking coffee for centuries. I really do hate dislike China.

It’s even gotten to the point where I go to maccas and ask for a large sausage McMuffin with a coffee and hash brown hold the food. And is still cheaper than going to a coffee shop. He coffee is shit, but what do you expect. It’s cheap, or at least cheaper than $85.50 per shot.

At least coffee at work is free. It’s good coffee too. I always know that the milk will be perfect, I don’t have to wait in line ad best of all, I’m actually getting paid to drink the coffee. Free coffee = win. I get to have dinner as well.