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Why I Hate Communism

So I learnt the most horrifying, deal breaking secret about my husband recently. He believes that certain ideas that stem from communists states work. That’s right.

My husband is a communist. A regular Stalin. A modem day Ho Chi Minh.

Now the problem that I have with us that I entertain the idea that one day I might own my own restaurant. If my husband is a communist though, I would be unable to own my own company. The moral right for people to own private property is central to the idea of freedom. Take away our ability to own anything and there goes our god damn free will.

Not only would here be no private property, there would be heavy income tax and the government would own EVERYTHING! Including me!! And our churches, and our families!

Communism did bring relief to the majority like promised. Nor did it remove oppression as purposed. It was an experiment that was concocted by some crazy dictating bastard that only removed morality from the world. Wankers..

Chadlington xx