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How do you know?

Since getting hitched, a lot of people have been asking me “who do you know?”

Well I have no fucking idea. You just do I guess. If I were to say anything it would be a combination of things. And then you have to the right moment to ask Daniel to marry me. “When is the right time?” They ask. “How do you know he’s the one? “They ask again

Bang. Shut up.

It’s like picking the perfect hair colour, or picking the perfect time to change your style. Is winter the best time to shave it all off. The answer is no. It is not the right time. I wish I had been asking these questions. “oh Chadlington, you probably should have waited until summer to shave your head”. Yea thanks Bob. Thank you Sally, for confirming that your birth certificate is an apology. Idiot. Are your parents siblings?

Now I need to pick an avatar for my twitter. Another hard decision.

Fuck my life.

Chadlington xx