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Just me and my Guitar

Ok, so it’s not MY guitar. It my best bloke’s Nikki’s.

I am finally learning an instrument. And I use the word FINALLY because I was never aloud to learn an instrument when I was a small boy. My mother never let me. I could have been the next John Mayer. Ringo Starr or Elton fucking John. But my childhood was robbed. Torn away from me by the very people who gave me life! All because I wasn’t very good on the recorder. Well guess what Kazbot. I’m learning now. Look out world. In in the house…

Now in not very good yet. I read an article on the net saying that it takes about 3 years to be fairly ok at playing an instrument. This is so not ok with me. How can I perform on stage at the voice Australia next year without a guitar. I’ll just have to practice everyday. Maybe blow off work. Who know what I will do to achieve this life long dream, and when I say life long I mean the last week perhaps.