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Eurovision Party 2012

Just over a week left until Eurovision. I’m a little excited. The more I think about it the more excited I get. I think I just came a little.

Now to be honest I’m not expecting this year to the most amazeballs eurovision experience of my life. It won’t be as good as 2010. Nor will any song be as good as Eric Saade’s popular in 2011. Ong just thinking about himBethany song made me come a little again.

So my favourite this year is quite obviously Loreen’s euphoria from Sweden. Is say this is quite obvious because it’s Sweden, home of the most gorgeous men on the planet, and also because it just a jammin’ track. Yes I said jammin’. What of it? Get outta my grill yo!

Anyways other notable songs are Norway’s Tooji with stay and Cyprus’s La La Love by some Iva chick. Spain could be a top performer (for once) and I really think the guy from Germany is a total babe. Shame the song is pretty crap.

So preparations for the party are underway. I already have my costume prepared, with accompanied makeup. I have taken the whole week off work to prepare. I am planning on baking all these delicious cupcakes and carefully creating the flags of various participating countries flags. I need to make punch too. So much to do!!! I plan on having an ongoing commentary on my twitter account also @chadlington.

Ad the drinking games that are going to be played. This is why Eurovision exists. Who cares about world peace or whatever they say the reasons for Eurovision is. No one actually cares unless it’s some poor european country that no one cares about. Like England.

I’m hoping for new hotties to perve on. Like I said thought. They won’t be as gorge as Eric Saade.

I just came a little again. If I keep this up I’ll be done in about 2 minutes.