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Don’t Touch Me Please!

For those of you that don’t already know how multi skilled, talented and amazing I am, well I am multi skilled, talented and amazing. I am So talented that I am a black belt in karate. Oh yeah. I kick ass. And faces.

To be honest I’m not really that much of a black belt at the moment. I havent trained properly in six years. I recently went back last week. I’m not to sure what inspired to go back now and not before. But I now how happy I was back then. Probably because I was really skinny, fucking hot and I won big trophies. A lot.

This also coincides with our new gym membership (which is going very well I might add). This also means I am twice as sore twice as much for twice as long. After going back I realised I had forgotten about muscles that I had t used in 6 years. Like thighs. And shoulder muscles. Who uses shoulder muscles. Not me.

So you can imagine my face when these muscles were awoken again. I’ll give you a visual. It was across between the face one would pull while their nipples are being twisted and a young ten wage boy coping the elusive female ejaculation squirt right in the face. You can view the face below.

And then having to go to work the following 3 days and walk up those fucking stairs to my office 700000000 times a day. Not cool man. I’m sure the ejaculation squirt in the face appeared several times that day. And when people touch you as try to get your attention, or if they are real evil bastards and they know your in pain but continue to poke and prod you. Wankers.

“Don’t touch me please!”

Hopefully the pain will subside, along with everyone’s insensitive need to poke their fingers deep into my throbbing flesh causing excruciating pain which can be compared to the pain of child birth I’m sure.