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Country Bliss

4 AM. The time I was awake this morning.

4:45 AM. The time I was at Kyran’s place to pick her up.

6 AM. The time we arrived at work to pick up Russell

10 AM. The time we arrived at the concert site.

Today we have the Stevie Wonder concert in Margaret River, Western Australia. We have the most amazing concert site down here. I think it’s much better than our site up in the Swan Valley. What I like most about it is the beautiful surrounds. It is so relaxing down here. Sitting on the back wooden deck of our country style mansion, in the most comfortable day bed. The midday sun on my face listening to the sounds of the grass growing and the crickets singing. Being autumthe air is warm in the sun and cool in the shade. Everything is green going brown and flowers growing in the grass and in the trees.

Over in the corner there is a slope heading down to bubbling creek about 500m down the slope. On the top of this slop is another deck which has a stone path leading to it from the main decking. From this other deck, the view of the valley is breathtaking, and you can enjoy this view from a long tree truck bench top table with matching seats down both sides, and finished with floating candle lanterns hanging above while you dine on homemade pizzas from the pizza oven to the right.

Behind me I can here the crew chatting and laughing about the drive down, or the day they have had already.

Although I’m really not looking forward to working tonight, I cannot think of anything else I would rather be doing right now. Ever had a female comb your hair with their nails. It’s amazing. Just ask me, Kyran is doing right to me right now.

I’m really upset that my husband isn’t here though. He would love this. It’s so relaxing. I’ll take some photos for him. I’ll take some photos for y’all actually. You should all have to feel jealous of what I’m feeling right now. 🙂